There are many football-related activities for youngsters of all abilities:

ROAR Soccer Centres

Our Soccer Schools develop children through physical activity, with the key element of fun football taught in a respectful and enjoyable environment. Classes for boys and girls age three to five are currently running at Wishaw; Carluke; Cambusnethan, Lanark and Motherwell.
The first session is free, thereafter classes are £20 per month.

Classes are as follows:

Tuesday                    18:00 til 18:45 Ages 3-5 @ Our Lady’s High, Motherwell           (Indoor)

Tuesday                    18:45 til 19:30 Ages 6-8 @ Our Lady’s High, Motherwell           (Indoor)

Tuesday                    19:30 until 20.15 Ages 8-10 @ Our Lady’s High, Motherwell (Indoor)

Wednesday              18.00 til 18.45 Ages 3-5 @ Lanark Grammar, Lanark (Indoor)

Wednesday              18.45 til 19.30 Ages 6-8 @ Lanark Grammar, Lanark (Indoor)

Wednesday              19.30 til 20.15 Ages 8-10 @ Lanark Grammar, Lanark (Indoor)

Wednesday              18:00 til 18:45 Ages 3-5 @ Wishaw Academy/St.Ignatius Pri.   (Indoor)

Wednesday              18:45 til 19:30 Ages 6-8 @ Wishaw Academy/St.Ignatius Pri.(Indoor)

Wednesday              19:30 til 20.15 Ages 8-12 @ Wishaw Academy/St.Ignatius Pri.(Indoor)

Thursday                     17:45 til 18:30 Ages 3-5 @ Carluke Lifestyles (Indoor)

Friday                         18.00 til 18.45 Ages 3-5 @ Cambusnethan Pri. (indoor)

Friday                         18.45 til 19.30 Ages 6-7 @ Cambusnethan Pri. (indoor)

Friday                        19:30 til 20:15 Ages 8-10 @ Cambusnethan Pri. (Indoor)

Friday                         17.00 til 17.45 Ages 3-5 @ Carluke Primary School (Indoor)

Friday                         18:00 til 18:45 Ages 3-5 @ Carluke Primary School (Indoor)

Friday                         18:45 til 19:30 Ages 6-8 @ Carluke Primary School (Indoor)

Friday                         19.30 til 20.15 Ages 8-10 @ Carluke Primary School (Indoor)

Friday                         20.15 til 2100 Ages 10-12 @ Carluke Primary School (Indoor)


Contact us for information

ROAR at Nursery

For children between the ages of 3 to 5 years, our sessions focus on activities which use both play and football elements to provide an enjoyable and rewarding experience in a fun and safe environment. Interested? Contact us

ROAR at School

Our versatile primary and secondary school programmes can be arranged to suit any school environment, whether it’s Taster Sessions, Breakfast or After-school Clubs, School Football Teams or Football Festivals. Our coaches are also experienced in engaging with and successfully motivating young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties. Get in touch for further details

ROAR Soccer Academy

R.O.A.R are holding an September weekend and October week program at Carluke leisure Centre. Each of the two weeks, P.V.G Checked and S.F.A coaches will coach and nurture boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 13 through fun football exercises and games. Children can be dropped off at 08.30 and picked up at 16.00 where in-between times they will play within groups of their own age and ability, Book your son or daughters place now for the three day Feb Break for £25.

Contact us for information.

ROAR Community Teams

It’s our aim to develop young footballers of all abilities to express themselves in a competitive yet fun environment. ROAR will nurture individuals into a player-pathway system to enable them to work towards their personal goals. With teams at 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004 based at Coltness High School and currently in the CLYFDA league encouraging boys and girls to enjoy and learn football in a fun and safe accredited sports hub.

We Still have spaces throughout the 10 & 04 age groups if you wish to get your son or daughter involved. Participation in the team costs £26 per month and all are welcome please get in touch.

Sponsorship packages still available please get in touch for details.

ROAR Midnight League & Youth Groups

We support social inclusion and opportunity for youngsters. Our Midnight League is one way we aim to achieve this. It’s a free service to all, and if you’d like to play – or even play a part in supporting us, please let us know. It’s a community initiative everyone can benefit from.

We have also just finished our first 12 week youth football program with over 20 males aged between 14 and 24 from Muirhouse and Flemington Youth Group which saw a good attendance of players and lead to some wanting to get involved in community coaching.

ROAR Birthday Parties

We have lots of ways to make any birthday memorable and fun – and it’s a stress-free solution you can enjoy too. Contact us for more details and availability